Aircraft Switches, Aviation Switches and Keypads, Cockpit Access Control

Aviation application are leading technologies to its limits ever since. EverSwitch Touch Metal switch and keypads are used in many applications such as:

  • Light weight
  • Self-diagnostic, self-learning
  • Low voltage, energy efficient
  • Chip operated, field programmable
  • Withstands cleaning – switches are able to be submerged
  • Stands up to hydraulic fluid and de-icing chemicals
  • Tamper proof, completely sealed
  • Readily customizable, both mechanically and electrically

EverSwitch have an exceptionally long life in the most demanding operating conditions.  With no moving parts and completely sealed electronics, the two main causes for switch failure are eliminated.   All EverSwitch products are rated at 50 million activations and are time proven in cabin, cockpit, galley and luggage compartment systems.

Typical aviation usages:

  • Cockpit Access Control Systems:  Integrates with existing Cabin Management Systems. Our anti-vandal cockpit access control keypad is hyper-ruggedized to survive gunshot or extreme blows without opening.  With no moving parts, our keypads have been protecting cockpit access with an advanced dual communication system since 9/11.
  • Lavatory Switches:  Elegant flush switches and Return to Seat panels that withstand kick-operation and harsh chemical cleaning that passengers prefer due to cleanliness.  Far superior life-cycle compared to plastic flush switches with moving parts that are a prime cause for lavatory closures … and aircraft groundings.
  • Window Shade Controls:  Slide switch control for window tinting/dimming that is controllable by passenger or crew.
  • Luggage System Controls:  Controls used in the cargo hold are routinely subjected to extreme vibration as well as exceedingly cold temperatures with abrupt changes in temperature and condensation levels.   Our Touch Metal switches resolve all three issues:  rated at -40 to +125C, impervious to moisture and hyper-ruggedized housing with no moving parts to shake loose.
  • In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Systems:   Bezel surrounds around LCD displays incorporating EverSwitch pushbuttons eliminate issues with touchscreen panel abuse and failure.

Housings are typically milled from solid aviation grade Aluminum, but are available in a wide range of materials and finishes.  (We are able to place switches behind wood veneer, for instance.)   At a very low installed weight, available outputs for our aircraft keypads and panels are CAN, RS-485, ASCII, U-ART and the technology is open ended and will accommodate any changes in the aircraft switches operating systems over its life cycle.