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At IBEX, Barantech to exhibit its latest elegant innovations specially designed for the marine industry – with even more advanced user interface and aesthetic design for its sleek control panels and continuous activation switches – for boat builders, manufacturers and owners.

As the boating industry, for both leisure and commercial uses, continues to grow, sailors expect reliable control solutions customized for the marine environment, providing simple functionality with nautical elegance. All these solutions were designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, salt water, rain, ice, humidity, UV rays, dust and challenging weather conditions.

One of the new HMI control solutions to be showcased at Ibex in Tampa, as well as Metstrade in Amsterdam, is the Cruzo series of sleek control panels that are the result of intensive development and engineering, based on state-of-the-art piezo technology. These elegant tempered glass panels offer superior functionality, with adjustable LED illumination and color and programmable buttons. Cruzo panels, that set a new standard in stylish marine control and will be displayed in 3 sizes (2×4, 2×5 or 2×7 buttons), were designed in advance for customization and support versatile switching functions.

This new generation of singular panels delivers intuitive interface, unparalleled durability and redundancy that guarantees all the vessel’s critical systems. Cruzo also supports diverse connectivity options – once Barantech’s app is downloaded, users can seamlessly connect smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices, attaining real-time access and control from any part of the boat, even remotely! So, the captain can turn off all the lights from inside his cabin, or continue sitting on deck with a glass of wine while operating the pump.

Another innovative solution especially suited for boats and sail crafts is the revolutionary

Infinity: this ultramodern switch, with its advanced continuous push functionality means that users just press and hold the switch for continuous activation of tasks such as pulling up an anchor or lifting a ramp. Infinity’s customizable design options include intuitive illumination, ensuring clear visibility with either dot-illumination or a captivating tri-color RGB ring-illumination. So, users can now push to Infinity, and attain better control of diverse onboard tasks and operation.

Boat Guard is another advanced solution that will be showcased at both Ibex and Metstrade exhibitions. Barantech’s engineer’s put their heads together to solve the age-old switch failure problem, and designed a solution – Boat Guard. These ultra-rugged stainless-steel Piezo

switches put an end to boat switch problems, cut maintenance costs and down times and are easy to install as well as replace if necessary – replacing only the relay, not the entire switch!

The Boat Guard family is composed of 10 Ampere, 20 Ampere and Dual relay switches, with the Dual version offering a versatile relay switch for operating multiple controls using a single switch. These switches also offer enhanced touch activation (hand, gloves, tools), RGB color illumination and smart remote connectivity.

Barantech’s CEO, Ronen Sobel, added: “One of our current focuses is the world of boating, that requires overcoming unique technical and environmental challenges. We love challenges since they are always engines for growth. This is true in the marine environment, as well as in diverse fields in which we are engaged – white appliances, public transport, security and access control and healthcare, to name just a few.

We are always mindful that we owe our success to attention to our customers’ needs and collaboration with them by means of our in-house expertise in engineering, design, software and hardware, bringing genuine added value. Together, we develop control solutions from concept to finished product.”
All these innovations will be exhibited at IBEX, that will be held in Tampa Florida, October 3-5, 2023 and at Metstrade in Amsterdam, November 15 – 17 November 2023.

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