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Keypads have become an integral part of our lives, often replacing traditional locks & keys. Everywhere we turn, we use keypads to open our front gate, enter the office, control access to clinics and labs, secure protect sites, and much more. These diverse uses require a wide range of solutions customized to specific needs and applications, able to operate under diverse and sometimes extreme climate conditions, with various types of designs and LED indication.

Barantech is the market leader in developing these sturdy customized keypad solutions, suitable for operation in all types of environments and conditions, based on its piezoelectric technology. The piezoelectric effect is a property exhibited by certain crystals that generate voltage when subjected to pressure, without requiring an external power source.


The company’s unique encapsulation technology means that these keypads can be installed anywhere, as they are impervious to virtually anything that can come in contact with them – from rain, sleet, snow, flooding and humidity, through dirt, dust and bug infestation, to chemical cleaning, full washdowns and sterilization. Barantech’s keypads, that are also vandal proof and tamper proof, are touch activated (human touch, wet or gloved hands, or any type of tool) and are all designed to withstand the test of time. Since the technology is plug and play, it can adapt to any changes that customers may wish to make in the future.


All of Barantech’s high quality keypads undergo rigorous testing and often exceed commonly accepted IP-68 and IP-69K standards. They are tested to withstand hot and cold conditions in the range of -40°C to +85°C and are certified for use in certain explosion-proof applications. Because keypads can be manufactured from a number of different materials, including polycarbonate, aluminum, or type 316 STS, they can meet almost any challenge and requirement. Many of the keypads also offer self-diagnostic and self-testing capabilities, and come with a Matrix output as standard, eliminating the need for costly ASIC interfaces.


The flexibility of Barantech’s piezoelectric control solution means that membrane controls and capacitive keypads can operate behind virtually any fascia housing materials, from stainless steel and aluminum to glass and leather. This enables customers to choose their preferred style – from sleek & high tech-ish to decorative to no-nonsense design styles. The engineering team can help customize the keypad functionalities and ensure that the interface is intuitive. The design options are virtually limitless – from LED lighting to color illumination, key contours, keypad shapes, and more. After the customer selects the design, Barantech creates a prototype for display, and any concerns raised are immediately addressed by our engineering team. All of our technology is plug and play, ensuring that it will comply with your current requirements as well as be able to adapt to any changes that you make in the future.


Secure access with Barantech’s high performance access control keypads – keyless access that is easy and safe, for indoor and outdoor use, with remote control capabilities. Also available are dual authentication Wiegand keypads with readers, adding a card swipe mechanism for an even more robust access control system. Barantech’s exceptional quality door keypads and encapsulated HID proximity readers are ideal for anywhere where security is key.

In short – Barantech’s keypads are:

  • Weatherproof with insulated housing – for marine uses and extreme weather locations, resistant to salt water, humidity, fog or ice
  • Customizable design – to harmonize and fit in stylish business and entertainment venues
  • Easy to clean – for clinics and clean rooms and high traffic uses
  • Vandal proof – for all outdoor facilities such as parking meters, self-storage facilities, self-service terminals
  • Activated even by wet or gloved hands – for industrial sites, outdoor gates
  • Virtually indestructible and impact proof – for high security facilities


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