Perfect solution for salt water environment.

Welcome to Baran’s selection of newly developed EverSwitch marine control solutions. Using our patented Piezo technology, a new range of customizable switches and panels has been created, providing the following advantages:

  • Unaffected by saltwater, fog or ice
  • Indestructible switching solutions rated at 50,000,000 activations
  • Fully submersible up to 300 meters
  • Touch activated: continuous operation by foot, finger, gloves or tools
  • Highly customizable with a wide range of design options
  • IP69K wash-down proof up to 100 BAR
  • CAN bus J1939 and other communication protocols
  • IOT enabled with Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Low power consumption
  • Operating temperature from -20 to +75 Celsius
  • Compliant with IEC 60529; EN 60529; CE; ROHS
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Product Features.

Without any moving parts, the range of switches and control panels is a perfect solution for the marine and yacht environment, with no cracks or protrusions where water, salt, sand or chemicals can stack up or penetrate.

The EverSwitch range allows freedom of design and can be customized according to customer requirements:

  • Switching functions: momentary, toggle, prolonged, continuous, timer, slide, dimmer and programmable
  • Customized laser engraving
  • Ring or point illumination and LED color selection
  • Housing materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, glass, wood and polycarbonates
  • Tactile and haptic options
  • Communication protocols: Matrix, CAN bus, ASCII, common bus, etc.

The ability to integrate Bluetooth and WiFi eliminates the need for
cables and allows remote operation of any of the vessel’s functions.


  • Helm control panels
  • Blowers and pumps
  • Sanitary: lavatory and galley
  • Thrusters
  • Winches and anchors
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Swim platforms
  • Engine controls
  • Access keypads and door controls
  • Man Over Board wearable alarm
  • Oceanographic instrumentation
  • Fish weighing equipment
  • Dive gear and computers
  • UAVs, submarines:  internal and external

Examples of other products

CAN bus systems

The CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial bus and is widely used
in various fields such as automotive and marine applications.

It avoids a point by point communication approach and allows a
significant reduction of the wiring complexity and quantity.
By offering the CANbus protocol our range of switches and panels
can be connected directly to the CANbus cable network without the
need to have individual point by point wires from each switch to the
control processor.

General Product Specifications

  • Switch Voltage 0-24 AC/DC
  • Switch Current 0.2A std (up to 15A optional)
  • Operating Cycles >50,000,000
  • Capacitance – 30 pF
  • Shock Protection – IK 06
  • Fastening Torque 2.5 Nm
  • Available Bluetooth &  WiFi

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