EverSwitch keypads and switches come without nooks or crannies where controlled substances or germs can be hidden. They are cleanable with the most aggressive detergents to the point of actually being submersible.


  • Lab/clean room access controls
  • Sterilizable keypads for clean rooms
  • Procedure handling for controlled substance environments
  • Lighting and HVAC controls (in clean areas or labs)
  • Switches inside of glove boxes

The EverSwitch advantages for industry are:

EverSwitch keypads are milled from a single Aluminum or Stainless Steel block
Keyboard surfaces are completely smooth and tamper proof
No need for plastic covers
All graphics are part of the anodization layer for extreme durability
Compliant with thorough auditing of Controlled Substances
Extremely durable: install and forget
Customizable for each installation

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