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Designed with Public Health in Mind

At EverSwitch, we are dedicated to helping our customers create products that are responsive to today’s environments and user needs.

In addition to our existing piezo switches and control systems designed with public health in mind, we present a new range of infrared based switching solutions that also address many of the challenges related to public hygiene.

While piezo solutions prevent germs accumulation and withstand very frequent cleaning with any type of detergent, our  IR switches allow operation of the switch without any actual contact – with infrared detection of objects such as a finger or a hand at a distance of approximately 5cm. This feature allows far-reaching dispensing of water, soap and cleansing gels, as well as non-touch actuation of door openers and many other devices used in public conveniences, airports and many other environments – where hygiene is nowadays so essentially important.

Simple in operation and easily installed our infrared non-touch switches provide a safe, functional and cost-effective solution for diverse range of applications from medical laboratories to public facilities. This practical IR switch is available in a wide choice of materials and switching options.

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Non-Touch IR Product Data Sheet

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  • Light switches:
  • Door controls
  • Exit switches
  • Sanitary applications
  • Water coolers
  • Access control


  • Hospitals
  • Elderly homes
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Public toilets
  • Airports
  • Public transport
  • Elevators
  • Parking

Technical Information

  • Non-touch switching
  • Sensing range: 5cm-80cm
  • Simple installation
  • Switching output: Voltage out, open collector, dry contact
  • Switching Voltage: 9V-24V DC (AC optional)
  • Switching Current: Up to 3A
  • Exceeds  IP67 requirements
  • Programmable by remote control
  • Switching functions: On/off, momentary, pro-longed
  • LED feedback: Feedback via dot LED in sensor housing
  • IOT ready: Ability to connect IOT module (Bluetooth, Wifi)

IR Switches Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of housing diameters are available?
•    Our standard housing is 28mm and a 22mm housing will be available soon.

Can the range and other settings be adjusted
•    Yes, the range and other settings can be adjusted by the use of a remote control.
In some cases, it is also possible to adjust the sensing range by hand.

Do you offer panels and custom design housings?
•    Yes, we are able to provide you with custom design panels and housings.
NRE might apply.

Can I buy the sensor only with the housing?
•    Yes, we supply some of our partners with the sensor separately.

Can your IR products work outdoor?
•    Yes, our products are designed to be used indoors and outdoors. Due the general limitations of the infrared technology, direct sunlight might cause issues with accidental activation. We recommend to use a cover to avoid direct sunlight into the sensor module.

Are there options for cables & connectors?
•    Our standard products are supplied with stripped wires. We can supply you with almost any cable or connector type on demand. Extra costs might apply.

Can you provide me with a custom designed sensor?
•    EverSwitch is specialized in designing and producing electronic components like piezo controls and IR controls. We cooperate with many tier 1 manufacturers to provide them with electronic controls fully customized to their applications.

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