EverSwitch Piezo Switches and EverSwitch Touch Metal technology enables all size switches or panels that are used in all weather conditions for easy human interface with or without gloves in wet or dry conditions unlike capacitive switches or touch screens.

Today EverSwitch is the preferred choice for outdoor vending and Bike Share systems.


Bike docking stations / payment

  • Coffee vending
  • Combo vending
  • Snack vending
  • Bill & Coin changers
  • Car Wash vending machines
  • Cigarette vending machines

EverSwitch products are unsurpassed in their ability to withstand brutal conditions from Alaskan blizzards to Caribbean hurricanes. Our products are rated from -40 to +120ᵒ Celsius and with touch activated, solid metal surfaces, are impervious to Rain, Snow, Sleet, – Frost, high humidity,  Sand storm,  Dirt , Grime and Vandalism.

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