EverSwitch Touch Metal technology provides rugged keypad and pushbuttons for Parking Systems.

Touch Metal is superior to touchscreen or
standard switch solution for the following applications:

  • On-Street Terminals
  • Off-Street Terminals
  • Telepark
  • Toll collection
  • Parks & Recreational Area Terminals
  • Public Transport Ticketing Solutions

The EverSwitch advantages:

  • Maintenance free for any weather conditions. Parking System solutions withstand and outdoor weather condition from the hottest deserts to Antarctic climate zones.
  • Keypads can include built-in USB or PS2 output for seamless system integration
  • Superior usability in sunlight or darkness over touchscreen only solutions
  • Guaranteed Vandal safe, option for self-testing program
  • No RFI (Radio Frequency) or EMI (Electro Magnetic) interference. Not susceptible to ESD (Electro Static Discharge) damage
  • Rapid customization
  • All Touch Metal switches are rated for 50 million activations

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