EVERSWITCH Touch Metal technology is modular, versatile and readily adapted to a wide range of applications from luxury white appliance controls to hazardous locations. Please let us know what you need to modify …

– Piezo switch operation behind ANY surface material: metal, glass, plastic … even wood
– Fully integrated User Interface panels with LEDs, displays, buzzers, RFID, IR ports, camera etc
– Fluent in all output protocols and programming languages
– Self-diagnostic with audit trail and self-learning features
– USB, PS2, ASCII, UART, I2C and custom output protocols available as well
– Retrofit into existing projects for improved strength and reliability
– Tactile versions available as well solid housings
– Any configuration from single piezo switch panels to full QWERTY keyboards & custom keypad
– Used across a broad range of markets: we offer 35 years experience in every industry
– If you can imagine it … we can engineer a switch to match your expectations

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