EVERSWITCH Touch Metal keypads are time proven across a range of diverse markets … from correctional facilities, petroleum refineries to submerged oceanographic equipment. With no moving parts, our products excel in high use, high-abuse areas and are impervious to weather and temperature extremes and provide the following advantages:

– Proven reliability for 24/7/365 operation (we have keypads in use for 20 years as gate controllers)
– Hyper-ruggedized milled metal housings are vandal proof and tamper proof
– Zero power required for switch operation: ideal for solar or battery powered systems
– Totally waterproof keypad: used outdoors from the Artic Circle to Saudi Arabia
– Matrix output standard with no need for costly ASIC interface
– USB, PS2, ASCII, UART, I2C and custom output protocols available as well
– Activated by human touch, wet or gloved hands, or any type of tool
– Standard configurations as well as custom alpha-numeric layouts from 2 keys to 100 keys
– Excellent value for demanding environments, low cost of ownership over time

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