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Sensor type Infrared
Detection range 5-80cm / 2-32” adjustable
Housing materials STS 316, STS 304, aluminum, chrome-plated brass
Functions On/off, momentary, pro-longed
Visual feedback Dot LED in sensor housing
Programmable Field programmable (optional)
Connectivity Ability to connect IOT module (Bluetooth, WiFi)

Operating voltage 3V-24V DC (AC optional)
Switching voltage 3V-24V DC (AC optional)
Switching power Up to 2A standard (optional high current by relay)
Switching output Voltage out, open collector or dry contact
Operating current 25 μA in standby mode

Operating cycles > 1,000,000
Housing mounting diameter 22 mm or 28 mm
Wiring Standard wires (special connectors are available upon request)

Operating temperature -20C to +75C /-4°F-167°F
Storage temperature -40C to +80C /-40°F-180°F
IP protection IP67



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