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Cruzo Panel (5×2)

Cruzo Panel (5×2)

Where Elegance Meets Superior Functionality

Developed specifically for the marine sector, brings a modern look & feel to the helm of any yacht and enables wireless bluetooth connectivity for greater remote experience. A range of stylish options, from glass front to different colored backlighting

No moving parts – completely sealed against the environment

Enhanced Touch activated – operation by hand, foot, gloves or tools

Weatherproof – operation unaffected by water, ice, humidity,

Easy to install, retrofit and operate

Dual power supply input to a single 10A relay for main and back-up battery

Integrated relay 10A x 10 relays

Optional SmartSwitch technology – self-diagnostic, WiFi, Bluetooth and IoT capabilities

+ Electrical Diagram
+ Technical Drawing

Electrical Data

    Switch Function:  N.O. Momentary (N.Closed optional)
    Toggle (On/Off), Continuous as well as Programmable, Timer, Slide, Self-Diagnostic and WiFi Enabled Optional

    Input Voltage: 12VDC

    Operating Input Current: 1A max

    Relay Switch Voltage: 0-240 AC/DC

    Switch Current: 10A max

    Operating Cycles: > 50,000,000

    Illuminated Surface: RGB

    Actuation Force: 2-7 N

Mechanical Data

    Housing Material: Aluminium 6061 T651

    Front: Glass

    Connection: DT04-12PA Grey Connector, Black Wires 18 AWG
    DT04-12PB Black Connector, Black Wires 18 AWG

    Housing Finish: Anodize Color – Natural/Black

Environmental Data

    Operating Temperature: -20°C to +75°C

    Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

    IP Protection: IP68







Key Specifications

    Glass or polycarbonate front panel, within a rugged frame

    LED illumination in RGB with selectable backlight options

    Provide audio and visual confirmation with each activation


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