Customized Keypads

Barantec’s EVERSWITCH Touch Metal switch technology allows for an incredible array of keypad customization, very cost-effectively, in small production runs. Beyond the environmental advantages of using hyper-rugged Touch Metal technology, Barantec can provide seamless integration to your system. Barantec’s EVERSWITCH technology eliminates the need for costly ASICs or trial and error interface issues. We can offer any output protocol, such as USB, ASCII, PS2, Matrix, Common Bus, Wiegand, or built-in microchips to communicate directly with your equipment. We readily build in LCD windows, LEDs, audible feedback, IR Ports, RFID readers, cameras, speakers, sensors, etc.

Another advantage is that our metal panel can act as the complete, solid front panel to house your system. Our Touch Metal technology allows for your user interface to be one piece: impervious to the environment and vandalism.



Completely customizable:from 2 keyps to 140 keys, rectangular or round, we can include LCD windows or displays, buzzers, readers, biometrics, etc …

Aluminum 6061 T651 (standard) Anodized
Stainless Steel: milled or sheet metal overlays
Graphic overlays possible as well

Voltage: 0-24VAC/DC standard, up to 120V possible
Current: 0.2A standard, up to 10A possible
Switch Function: N.O., Momentary standard. Prolonged, continuous, toggle, programmable also
Output: Matrix, Common Bus, PS2, USB, Wiegand, ASCII, custom protocols

Cable: Flat cable with Molex (standard) 12″ length (standard)
Pins: 1mm bent pins (standard)
Terminal Block: Please advise us of your requirements
Cables/Connectors: Will provide any preferred type – let us know your requirements.

Thru holes, studs, rear, front or flush mount.
Keypad can act as a one piece front panel including readers, LCDs etc.
Back side of the keypad can be milled to accept bracketing and connection of system components

Anodized Graphics: Six basic colors available, please advise text or symbol desired
Laser Etched: Aluminum keypads can be laser etched resulting in white legend
Stainless Steel keypads result in dark gray legend
Embossed: Raised graphics stamped for ADA compliant legend
UV Protection: Special anodized treatment for extended color retention in sun.

Labeling Please advise bar code or part numbering requirements