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Easily Installed, Cost-effective, Hygienic

Touch-free switches for high-traffic public environments. Safe, distant activation of devices, light switches, door controls, sanitary dispensers, elevators, exit switches and more.

+ Electrical Diagram
+ Technical Drawing

Electrical Data

    Switch Function:
    On/off, momentary, continuous, programmable

    Input Voltage:

    Switching Power:
    Up to 1A

    Switching Output:
    Voltage out, open collector or dry contact

    Operating Current:
    25 μA in standby mode

Mechanical Data

    Operating cycles:
    > 1,000,000

    Housing mounting diameter:
    22 mm or 28 mm

    Standard wires (special connectors are available upon request)


Environmental Data

    Operating Temperature:
    -20°C to +75°C

    Storage Temperature:
    -40°C to +80°C

    IP Protection:

Key Specifications

    Sensor type Infrared

    Detection range 5-80cm / 2-32” adjustable

    Housing materials STS 316, STS 304, aluminum, chrome-plated brass

    Visual feedback Dot LED in sensor housing

    Optional Smart Switch technology – WiFi, Bluetooth and IoT capabilitie

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