Mounting Diameter 22mm 22mm18.618.6
Switch Face Profile Flat RecessedFlatRecessed
Switch Function:
C             Continuous:  provides 30sec switch closure (matching the length of time the switch is pressed)T             Toggle:  changes between N.O. and N.C. states with each activationP             Programmable allows field reset of built-in timer functionSD           Self Diagnosing – please contact (Sales Engineering)

Other     Slide, timer, debounced, built-in microchips, etc.

Switching Current:
0.2A standard
0.5A optional
Up to 10A custom – (Contact Sales Engineering)Connection:
W          Wires (standard) 12” long paired wires, 22 gauge stripped and tinned endsP            Pins (standard) Fast-On pin tab connectionC            Cable (optional) available with customer specified type and length

TB          Terminal Block (optional)

CON       Customer specified connectors can be added to any switch

Housing Materials:Aluminum, Aviation Grade Type 6061 T651 (standard)

Stainless Steel Type 303 (standard)

Stainless Steel Type 304 / 316 (optional)

Switch Color:
Aluminum housings are anodized with six standard colors:
  N            Clear Anodization
               B             Black
               R             Red
               G            Green
               L             Blue
               O            Gold
(Stainless Steel switches are only available as Natural metal color.)

Aluminum switches are available with either Anodized graphics or Laser Etched on a custom basis.

Stainless Steel switches are available with Laser etched or engraved graphics.
Please contact Sales Engineering to discuss

Barantec has 30 years of customization experience in every market and environment.  Please Contact Sales Engineering. to configure the exact switch you need for your application.