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Stand-Alone Access Keypad & Access Control

The strength and elegance of EverSwitch standalone keypad access control is unrivalled. Conventional stand-alone keypads have moving parts that are easily vandalized, prone to frost and ice damage, and will not survive driving rain.   All of the EverSwitch access control product line is piezoelectric based and designed to excel in the harshest weather conditions:   hurricanes, flood, ice storms, sand storms, from Saudi Arabia to Siberia.  All of our products are waterproof to the point of actually being submersible.

With no moving parts and permanently anodized graphics, our keypads are routinely used in the toughest applications:  prisons, marine cargo protection, high value transport, petroleum refineries and critical infrastructure.  Our keypads are milled from solid blocks of aviation grade Aluminum, versus typical access keypads that are mass produced out of plastic or metal caps with moving components that are prone to failure and tampering.


  •         Brushed mono-block of Aluminum with zero moving parts.
  •         Touch activated with hands, heavy gloves, tools and impervious to humidity
  •         Available in 3×4 or 2×6 layouts
  •         12-24V, 200 user codes, 100 million combinations at 4-8 digits
  •         Visual and audible feedback
  •         Extremely low power consumption
  •         Operational form -40 to +125C
  •         Exceeds Mil-Spec and IP environmental requirements

A range of applications where EverSwitch has proven to be a viable, long term solution include:

  •         Hospitals and Pharmaceutical:  Washdown proof and sterilizable.
  •         Airport Exteriors:  Must work all the time and stand up to weather extremes.
  •         Naval Vessels:   Stainless Steel or plastic versions to withstand salt spray and submersion
  •         Schools and Public Housing:   Keypads defeat tampering and vandalism.
  •         Oil Production Facilities:  We are time proven in desert as well as Arctic conditions
  •         Military and White House:  Keypad of choice for perimeter fence access control.
  •         Cockpit Access Control:   Two part system that communicates with the pilot to grant access, fully integrated with the aircraft operating system and passed FAA testing

EverSwitch is available directly from the manufacturer and therefore available at extremely reasonable price levels as well.  In addition, we routinely customize keypads with extra features, such as customer specific output protocols, logos, color and graphics, illumination, self-diagnostic reporting features and fully integrated with other system components such as RFID readers, cameras, speakers, intercoms, buzzers, etc. EverSwitch is able to configure all system components behind a single front panel which provides the greatest degree of tamper-resistance as well as a sleek, unified design.


    We are closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and while taking great care of our employee’s safety and health, we remain at work to support our customers.

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