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Switches and control panels, also known as HMI control solutions, are ever-present in our daily lives. They allow us to easily and tangibly control and interface with ordinary devices as well as complex systems. Barantech has taken the activation of buttons, switches, keypads and control panels forward with the implementation of several technologies – Piezo electric technology, Touch-free infrared (IR) and Metal Light® (For more about these technologies, visit Barantech’s technologies .

These technological innovations need a matching advanced interface (UI) that is intuitive and convenient (UX) as well as esthetic and attractive, and even sleek and elegant. Barantech’s engineers bring their experience in the customization of these solutions, offering both ergonomic and stylish design.

Barantech’s HMI solutions can be manufactured in a variety of surface materials, ranging from glass and stainless steel to wood, leather and plastic.

Illumination and visual indicators can be integrated in switches and control panels, enhancing their functionality and usability. The addition of LED dots and circle, in different colors can identify specific functions, modes, or statuses, thus improving user recognition and reducing the chances of errors.

Flexibility in the design of button and switch sizes, spacing, shapes, and textures can add another layer of both style and function so as provide a personalized and efficient user experience. They can also be reconfigured according to specific tasks or user preferences.

All these add visually stunning as well as functional features to the “faces” of these switches and keypads, that are operated by Barantech’s advanced technologies. These visual enhancements not only add aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a more engaging and informative user experience.

Barantech’s versatile interfaces for HMI controls, that are an indispensable part of our everyday lives, offer an unparalleled sense of control, reliability, and intuitive operation.

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Building HMI Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

After 36 years as an HMI turnkey solution manufacturer – we have learned a thing or two.
As a recognized leader in its field, we offer our customers an array of tailored HMI solutions and platforms that start from innovation, then R&D and finally production. We partner with you to develop your ultimate HMI solution – which can include cloud integration, communication capabilities, software customizations, all designed with outstanding functionality and appearance.