For Underwater Switch, Choose EverSwitch

In the right applications, waterproof switches can ensure that you are able to operate your machinery, lights, or dive computers in any underwater conditions. Of course, these switches have to meet regulations and guidelines to ensure that they are not only safe but that they will not malfunction. At EverSwitch, we have perfected our waterproof switches, ensuring that they can withstand depths of up to 3000’ when properly sealed and in watertight housings.

The Difference Is Obvious
We know that the deeper underwater you go, the more pressure there will be on your switch, and delicate electronics and connections can easily be damaged. Most conventional switches are just not made to withstand the pressure or to be submerged. We create our switches to not only withstand the pressure of underwater use but also to be able to be activated with the touch of neoprene diving gloves. This ensures that you won’t struggle with activating the switch while underwater. In addition, because there are no moving parts that can be damaged by sand or water, these switches won’t be negatively affected by use and can withstand temperatures from -40C all the way to + 80 C

You’re Benefits
When you by quality switches from us, then there are a number of benefits that you will enjoy. Our switches boast a very long battery life and are easy to maintain. In addition, they are unparalleled in terms of reliability, cost, and function. You are sure to love our designs and our design team will work hard to provide you with the exact switch that meets your needs.

They’re Functional
It doesn’t matter how attractive your waterproof switch is unless it is functional. Our switches with waterproof switch buttons, a waterproof keypad, and many different functions are sure to meet your needs. We can easily incorporate slide switch, continuous, toggle, and programmable switch functions as necessary. These switches work perfectly in a number of different applications including underwater switch / waterproof push button metal detection equipment, naval targeting and marking buoys, fishery scales on fishing vessels, customized oceanographic systems, and even wave energy generating systems.

When you need the most reliable and well-built switch that’s on the market, then you need to work with our reputable company. At EverSwitch, we employ experts who will work hard to make sure that the product you buy will perfectly meet your needs. We can create switches in type 316 STS, aluminum, and polycarbonate so that your switch will be sure to stand up to any environmental pressures or challenges.