Waterproof switch, waterproof push button, waterproof keypad, underwater switch

EVERSWITCH products are designed with no moving parts no soldering all sealed with high endurance materials with a special manufacturing process.

EverSwitch is used in wet environment applications such as outdoor emergency switch, full pumps & more (exceeds IP-68 & 69) and used in submersible equipment applications

EverSwitch standard off-the-shelf switches and keypads are usable to depths of 3000 feet.  Our patented piezoelectric technology exceeds IP-68 and IP-69K requirements for submersion and is not affected by changes in pressure during descent/ascent and designed to prevent false activations and deformation.  If you are in the underwater technology field, you need waterproof solutions.

All of our products are milled from solid metal housings and completely sealed with a proprietary potting compound that is proven effective for 25 years in every environmental condition.  Switches and keypads are touch activated (even with neoprene diving gloves or a stylus) and have no moving parts where water or sand could penetrate with an operating temperature range from -40 to +125C.

Our switches can also provide an array of different functions beyond a simple momentary switch closure:  prolonged, toggle, continuous, programmable and slide switch functions can be incorporated as well.  The prolonged switch function allows one switch to convey a variety of commands … a short press can be used for one function, and a longer press of 2 seconds would enable a different mode and a series of presses could scroll thru a menu, for instance.   The prolonged function is used in an array of dive light and dive computer applications.

Our products are currently used on these applications:

Dive Lights, Dive Computers, Diver Propulsion Equipment, Underwater Metal Detection Equipment, Customized Oceanographic Systems, Naval Targeting/Marking Buoys, Wave Energy Generating Systems, Submersible GPS, Submersible Coast Guard Pumps. If you need waterproof control and durability EverSwitch is your solution.

EverSwitch, Switches and keypads are offered in Aluminum, STS Type 316 or polycarbonate allowing us to meet every environmental challenge.   Illuminated switches are also possible.